Nicaraguan girl poses with her school supplies she has for her english class

ESL Training for Children of El Limonal

$ of $920 raised

Thanks to your generous donations we have recently been able to supply a fully qualified English teacher for the children of El Limonal.

Her name is Claudia and she is a local teacher who is holding two classes for approximately 15 children each, once a week in the community. Each class is for one and half hours and includes not just fun and stimulating learning, music and games, but also a healthy snack of fruit and juice.

After the initial outlay for teaching supplies such as stationary, it costs just $92 per month to supply 15 children with weekly English classes.

Nicaraguan boy in his english classUse the donation form below to gift 15 children with a month’s English lessons (or any multiple of months) and we will keep you informed of your class’s progress!

Access to English could benefit these children enormously in the future, if they wanted to enter the tourist industry, for example.

More and more English speaking tourists are beginning to forge links with El Limonal because of groups like GSG, so some children could even find employment using their new-found language skills very close to home.

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Donation Total: $92