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March 30, 2021


Debunking Myths About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Being able to come up and keep a business afloat need a great deal of effort from an entrepreneur. Some principles separate a successful business owner from a mediocre one. Aside from finding tips to succeed, one must get rid of myths about entrepreneurship. These misconceptions prevent many people from making

couple fighting

Friendship After Divorce: Is It Truly Possible?

Nobody wakes up in the morning dreaming of marrying someone and ending up in a divorce. It’s just too much emotional and mental burden for anyone to bear. When people get into a relationship and decide to pursue it, it takes a lot of effort to get to know a person, manage differences and expectations,


Success in the End: How to Close Your Small Business Successfully

Not many small businesses see themselves in ten years. Many of them would settle for five years or even eight. But no one expects to be around for more than ten to twenty years. This is because, after those years, that’s where many problems start occurring for small businesses. Sadly, these problems are usually too

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