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November 26, 2021


The Importance of Investing in Employee Training and Development

Learning doesn’t stop the moment we step out of college and into the wonderful world of employment. While some professions may require lifelong education, such as doctors, lawyers, and scientists, many people are deceived into thinking that any work outside the fields of science and legislation has no further need for education. They couldn’t be

restaurant owner

What Do Restaurants Look Like in the New Normal?

The pandemic has affected businesses big and small. It’s left no place untouched in terms of its adverse side effects, lockdown protocols, and health and safety measures. While more prominent companies may have had the wiggle room to adjust and compensate for the new difficulties posed by the pandemic, smaller businesses didn’t have that luxury.

clothing store

Is It Over for Clothing Retail Stores?

Much has been said about the online shopping trend brought about by the pandemic. Many businesses have shifted to e-commerce, setting up their own online shops, keeping their delivery hotlines, and boosting their online presence. They say online shopping is here to stay even beyond the pandemic because people have become used to shopping with

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