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Behind the Scenes of Starting a Small Business

We have all witnessed how being a business owner is an excellent path for personal success. Plenty of the wealthiest people on Earth made their fortune through their businesses. Also, it is a great way to fulfill one’s passion. But of course, many of the large corporations we see today did not start as the business giants

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Keep Your Tenants Happy with Steady Water Pressure: Spot the Common Causes of the Problem

Although the demand for housing and rent is high in the UK, competition is also fierce. At the end of the day, potential tenants would avoid problematic properties. They know that the cost of maintaining their space will be costlier than finding a slightly more expensive but well-conditioned house. And of the many problems a

clean work station

Five Tips for Keeping Your Workplace Free from Pests

Your workspace is where you keep most of your important printed files and documents. The problem? They can easily be damaged by pests, costing you great money too. Besides property and asset damage, pests also carry diseases that can spread throughout the workplace. Your employees can get physically sick, affecting their productivity or performance. Many

man working from home

The Rise of the Mobile Workforce amid the Pandemic

Many companies or organizations around the world have adopted a mandatory remote work policy. This is in response to the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. The goal is to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and stop further infection. But when it comes to remote work, what comes to mind? We immediately think

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Becoming a Business Tycoon: Four Benefits of Outsourcing for Startups

The technological advancement the world is experiencing now has brought globalization within reach. Companies are competing at a global scale. The world is getting smaller and the stakes are getting higher. But as the competition gets tighter, the resources needed to keep up are also becoming easier to access. According to a recent study, 30%

Can You Protect Your Business with a Prenuptial?

Prenuptial agreements have long held a poor reputation in marriages, as they are usually seen as a lack of trust with one’s partner. But millennials have been leading the movement to change the perspective on prenups. Discussing financial matters before marriage is becoming more commonplace. A central reason for this is to protect individual assets one brings to

online seller

How to Grow Your Online Business: Best Practices for Online Sellers

There are many benefits to selling online, but one of the biggest drawbacks is that it can be difficult to grow your business. When you’re first starting out, you may not have a large customer base or budget for advertising and marketing campaigns. This can lead your business to plateau and stagnate, which is not

person holding money

It’s Time to Stop Making Your Life Revolve Around Money

This is often easier said than done, but you have to stop being a slave to money. You are more than your ability to earn money or put food on the table, despite what society may have led you to believe. And don’t even get started on the pressures you have to endure to unlearn

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Don’t Sleep on Business Security

Nobody wants to have something stolen from them. But for businesses, the desire to protect your property is compounded even more. It’s not just a personal belonging anymore, it’s become a group effort of honing and growing your business. And when something does get stolen, it can be devastating. However, theft isn’t the only thing

flavored drink

New Flavors and Innovations Scale Up the Beverage Industry

After a year plagued by a worldwide public health crisis, many people look forward to face-to-face social engagements with family and friends. Morning hangouts at the coffee house, after-work drink specials at the local beach bar, and weekend cocktails in the town have all been primarily supplanted (for the time being) by coffees-to-go, digital apéros,

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