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5 New Additions To Your Wardrobe In This New Normal Season

To say that the coronavirus has changed the way we live is such a huge understatement. It has affected almost every aspect of society and a major part of our lives, too. From the way we conduct our business to how we dress up to keep ourselves protected, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered us into

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Becoming an Angel Investor: Things to Keep in Mind

Some of the biggest names in the world of business today start small. A lot of them began in unlikely places, garages included! But they have become big names because someone or a group of people have backed them up–because someone has believed in them. These groups and individuals are called investors, and some of

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Work It: Strategies That Encourage Employee Engagement

As if employee engagement wasn’t already low before, a global pandemic has now made more employees feel disengaged from their jobs. In 2018, Gallup reported that 34 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged, the highest rate in their records. Still, that leaves 66 percent of employees dragging their feet to work. Now, with

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The Fall and Rise of Los Angeles’ Traffic Accidents During the Pandemic

The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to traffic accidents. A recent report by the Los Angeles Police Department, over 54,000 crashes happened on the city’s roads in 2019. Over 236 people died from them. This contributes to the 32% spike in fatal car accidents in the last five years and a 7% increase

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Joining the Healthcare Sector Can Make You a Better Business Person

The success of the franchise model in the healthcare industry is becoming more and more apparent as the years go by. And for the entrepreneurs investing in a healthcare franchise, the returns are more than monetary. And for a true-blooded business person, continuous learning is one of the most useful tools for success. If you

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If You’re Marketing to China, Remember These Things

E-commerce brings your product to the rest of the world. But if you want to make it big, you better set your sights on the largest market in the world: China. As early as 2016, China had already surpassed the United States as the global leader in e-commerce. According to Statista, the country’s revenue reached


How to Put up Your Own Craft Beer Bar

So you want to put up your own bar and a craft beer one at that? It’s actually not a bad idea since the craft beer market will have a CAGR of 14.1% until 2025. If you have little clue as to how to put up your craft beer bar, here’s an overview of how

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Can the Farm-to-Table Process Work on a Mass Scale?

The idea of organic food has been around for a while, and now we have the farm-to-table movement. Wholefood stores are on the rise, and there are several diets available for a better life. That includes the paleo diet, which seeks to return our eating habits to those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We are desperately

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Three Ways You Can Improve Your Finances

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a veteran in your field, your financial situation could probably use a boost. While there’s no one magical solution to your money problems, there are ways you can improve them. Here are five things that you can do to take better control of your finances: Pay off Your Debt

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