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How to Handle a Broken Window Before You Replace It

A cracked or broken window can be caused by various reasons, such as a stray baseball or a falling tree branch during a storm. Whatever the cause, it's almost always unexpected, and you likely wouldn't have spare window panes lying around.   If you come across the misfortune of a cracked or broken window, here's

Car salesman talking to a couple

Active Listening: A Key to Building Customer Loyalty

There are a lot of salespeople around the world whose sole concern is to close deals. It’s not surprising since competition is very fierce. But if you take the time to learn the other aspects of sales, not only will you be able to sell more products but you’ll also have more returning customers than

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Data: The Driving Force Behind Successful Businesses

As the famous saying goes, ‘Money makes the world go round’. This is probably why a lot of businesses today are struggling to keep up with financial demands. A study reveals that 82% of businesses fail because of poor cash flow management. However, this does not mean that money is the sole reason businesses fail.

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Can Your Choice of Preschool Determine Your Child’s Performance?

How your child’s future will roll out will largely depend on the quality of their early years. Your choice of a preschool program for your child is a critical decision in determining how your child will perform even in later years. You have enlisted a few of the preschools in your area, Phoenix, Arizona, and

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Too Old to Pick Up an Instrument: Fact or Fallacy?

There are adults across all states, from Las Vegas, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah who want to learn a musical instrument, whether its violin lessons or drums, or maybe even voice classes (after all, this is your very own built-in musical instrument).  If you’re one such adult, chances are, though, you’ve been told at

The Best Mexican Food You Should Try

Mexican food ranks high among the most well-loved foreign cuisine that captured the hearts of American food lovers. Talk about tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, and you'll make someone's mouth water.    This is why many franchise owners serve Mexican food with fresh ingredients. Here are some of the best Mexican food that you should sink your teeth

Mining and Construction

Productivity Pointers: 3 Tips in Minimizing Machinery Downtime in Mining and Construction

The Cost of Machinery Downtime The mining and construction industry heavily relies on machinery to operate. And yet machinery downtime is an unavoidable part of the operation, whether it’s planned (scheduled inspection and preventive maintenance) or unplanned (equipment failure or faulty/broken components). When these machineries undergo downtime, they can cost a company a lot of

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The Rise of Western ’Begpackers’ Is Affecting the Tourism Industry and Backpacking Culture

There’s a new phenomenon in the travel industry. Western backpackers are visiting impoverished Southeast Asian nations, where they expect locals to pay for their travel. Yes, a free ride. The phenomenon of ’begpacking’ started when Western tourists were found begging in the streets of Hanoi and Bangkok, asking for money to fund their travel expenses.

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Life Optimized: How to Be Happy in Old Age

Retirement is the time when you can do other things you love. This is the right time to start your passion projects. But how do you ensure you have enough money to enjoy your retirement? And, how can you plan for your life after retirement? Here are some ideas for you. Planning Your Retirement Look

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Moonlight: Office Worker by Day, Freelancer by Night

It’s 2019. It’s been more than a decade since the global economy went kaput. Back then, millions lost jobs, businesses went bankrupt. As years went by, the people and the economy recovered. Earning money has become more flexible now more than ever because the gig economy has been flourishing. Instead of people working two or

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