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How the Pandemic is Driving a Cleaning Business Boom

People are a lot more concerned about cleanliness now that a virus is spreading illnesses across the nation. COVID-19 has really heightened the anxiety around germs among adults and children. Some experts warn that the past year will leave many people suffering from mental health conditions, including general anxiety and germaphobia-based obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). One


Debunking Myths About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Being able to come up and keep a business afloat need a great deal of effort from an entrepreneur. Some principles separate a successful business owner from a mediocre one. Aside from finding tips to succeed, one must get rid of myths about entrepreneurship. These misconceptions prevent many people from making


Success in the End: How to Close Your Small Business Successfully

Not many small businesses see themselves in ten years. Many of them would settle for five years or even eight. But no one expects to be around for more than ten to twenty years. This is because, after those years, that’s where many problems start occurring for small businesses. Sadly, these problems are usually too

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Pharmaceuticals 101: How to Start Your Own Small Pharmaceutical Company

The pharmaceutical market is a tremendous one. From health experts to employees in different companies, many consumers all around the world rely on the products coming from this particular industry. This is why it’s a trillion-dollar industry with a compound annual growth of 7.5%. That annual growth in such a big industry is enough to

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Corporate Responsibility: What Corporations Can Do to Help the Economy during the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps globally, almost every industry worldwide suffered. This includes the U.S., where private businesses and small enterprises became the most vulnerable. Even the global, national, and local economies encountered great losses because of the pandemic’s uncertain nature. If this goes on, more employees will lose jobs, and entrepreneurs won’t support their

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Parenting 101: Dos and Don’ts in Building a Better Relationship With Adult Children

All parents try their hardest to be the best parents for their kids. But more often than not, things won’t always go your way. A clash of personalities and differences in views and opinions can lead to kids growing resentment towards their parents. You may have made decisions that could have hurt your kids. But

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Securing Assets Through Legal Processes: A Guide for Business Owners

Running a business provides you with excellent opportunities to earn money and secure your future. It allows you to follow your passion and find better ways to improve your lifestyle. Successful business owners also have the chance to live their life to the fullest because they will have the means to do what they want.

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Like It or Not, Starbucks Remains Number One

A new Starbucks branch in town is like a kitchen sink remodel: it’s a simple addition to the place, but it’s guaranteed to keep the real estate rates up. Economists call this “The Starbucks Effect,” the phenomenon of how their store openings positively affect neighboring home values, as well as nearby supermarket sales. Every other month, a

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4 Ways to Gain Profit Out of Your Struggling Medical Practice

You will be investing lots of money to ensure that your business is profitable. However, you might find that your efforts and commitment could lead to unfruitful results. Entrepreneurs often envision success for their ventures, but they often find out that the journey will not be as straightforward as they paint it in their minds.

Artificial Intelligence

How Business Intelligence Can Improve Patient Care in Healthcare Organizations

Business intelligence (BI) plays a big role among insight-driven organizations. It helps companies analyze previous data in improving efficiency and streamlining business operations. While many companies have recognized the importance of this game-changing technology, the healthcare industry has always been slow to adapt to the changing tech trends. Healthcare organizations evaluate themselves using key performance indicators (KPI),

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