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Increasing Your Store’s Foot Traffic amid the Pandemic

Business is all about attraction. Take a look at how Amazon dazzles the customers’ eyes via its 3-dimensional presentation of the products. You can almost touch the product right on your screen. Your attraction heightens. Quite simply, there’s no other way for you to satisfy urges than by ordering online. Consequently, Amazon has never enjoyed

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Keeping the Workplace Safe in the Time of Covid-19

Long before the coronavirus came and changed the way people lived and worked, workplace safety was already a major concern for businesses worldwide. In the United States, nearly 900,000 nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries resulted in absences among employees. Even though most of these incidents involved labor-intensive professions, other professions, including registered nurses, retail salespersons, and nursing


3 Ways to Optimize Office Workflow

Behind every successful business is a fully optimized workflow. Companies who consistently review and improve their internal processes enjoy increased productivity, employee morale, and competitiveness. Consider these tips to improve your organization’s workflow: Centralize policy creation and management When dealing with corporate governance and compliance, a single misstep can result in unnecessary risk. Relying on manual

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5 Ways to Help Employees Take Care of Eye Health at the Workplace

The physical demands people put on their eyes are only increasing over time as the rise of using smart devices in businesses continue — leaving many with more time in front of screens at work than ever before. In fact, over 72% of adults in the UK use a computer every day. As an employer,

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Business Strategy Ideas for New Entrants

Marketing will always be part of a healthy capitalist society. Even businesses that shouldn’t advertise themselves, such as music schools, dental clinics, and geriatric healthcare facilities, also need a way to reach their target markets. There are too many competitors out there, and all businesses need to put their best foot forward. Our generation is

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Delayed Retirement: Why Should Companies Care About Timely Employee Retirement

Most companies in every industry focus on employee retention. This enables lower costs and expenses, higher productivity, and even improved brand reputation and culture. But then, the inevitable will happen and your best talents will eventually retire. You will require new people to take over their position and invest resources in training them. One can

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Floodproofing Your Business and Protecting Your Workers

Flood is one of the most frequent and costliest natural hazards that businesses face. With the rising sea levels, who knows when your usually flood-free city will suffer from a big flood? Flooding can occur anytime there is heavy rainfall, melting snowpacks, ice jams, and failure of man-made dams and barriers. The reasons for this


Do Not Get Sued: How Your Small Business Can Avoid Lawsuit

Running a business is in itself challenging enough. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, small businesses are all the more facing hardships to continue business operations amid brick-and-mortar store temporary closures. As the months dragged on, a number are even reportedly on the brink of permanent closure. Increasing market reach, boosting sales, and maintaining cash

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Workplace Hazards: What They Are and How to Eliminate Them

Work has become an essential part of our lives. Every year, the average person spends about 90,000 hours of his or her life working. This is equal to spending one-third of your life in the office. Given the significant amount of time we spend at work, it is no surprise that the workplace has become one of

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