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Beekeeper working

Essential Equipment When Harvesting Honey

Honey has been used for ages in medicine and food. Few people invested in a beekeeping business in the past. It is, however, now among the fastest selling products thanks to the increased knowledge of its benefits. It has high antioxidant levels, is safe than sugar for sweetening for diabetics, reduces bad cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure.

group of students

Schools Need Fortification on All Fronts

School is considered a child’s second home. It is where they spend most of their waking hours, hopefully learning new things that they will take with them when they graduate. Schools, however, present several risks that, if not managed by the heads of the institution, might result in stunted growth in children or worse, health

Businesswoman thumbs up

To Franchise or to Start From Scratch?

Here’s a fact that may not be very easy for everyone to swallow: There are only a very few number of people who have the natural ability and necessary skills to become a successful business owner. Managing a business isn’t just about hard work, after all. As difficult as it may be to accept, sometimes

Cashier at a store

Unpopular Opinion: Why Entrepreneurs Should be Jacks-or-Jills-of-All-Trades

Being a jack-of-all-trades is often frowned upon, precisely because of what follows it: “master of none.” It’s a label that somewhat belittles. Yes, you’re competent in a lot of things, but you’re never the go-to person for the ins and outs of a certain subject area. Yes, you’re versatile, but you’re also all over the

man wearing light denim polo and pants

Fashion 101: How Men’s Workwear Became a Thing for High Fashion

A few fashion cycles ago, Parisian fashion brand Vetements shocked the fashion industry when it sent down a runway model wearing a yellow DHL T-shirt. Yes, that’s right. It’s the same DHL T-shirt that the courier company is making its employees wear. What’s so fashionable about that? But it sold. The shirt sold for almost

man carrying recycling bin

Things About Recycling You May Not Know About

For so many years, we’ve been taught to recycle our everyday items so that we can help protect our environment and prevent waste from piling up on our planet. Unfortunately, some of our practices in recycling have been either proven to be ineffective or even wrong. So to keep our planet clean and safe for

Tourists walking streets of Singapore

How Are Singapore Small Businesses Doing?

The city-state of Singapore holds a unique position in the Asian region. It is an economical, tourism, and financial powerhouse despite being a small country. It is a favorite destination for international brands. It is the only South-East Asian nation to reach a high-income classification, according to the World Bank (WB). But like other countries,

Closeup of a car key on an auto insurance policy

Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance in Arizona, it’s better to weigh your options rather than take the first offer you find. Different companies would offer different rates because when it comes to car insurance, there’s no such thing as a set price. Several factors also affect your rates — some of which are beyond your

Woman wearing a headset

Three Things that You Realize After Working in Customer Service

Standing in a store for eight hours, talking to 30 or 40 customers on your company’s small PBX in one shift, or assisting five clients at the same time. These are some of the things that you might experience while working in customer service. It can take its toll on you. However, you can’t put

woman about to drive truck

Logistics Industry: How to Find Efficient Workers

The number of jobs that have opened in the logistics industry is rising. Aside from the structural shift to eCommerce, consumers are now spending a lot more than before. Companies are still finding it challenging to get the workers that they need. Some even suggest expanding their recruitment reach by hiring more ex-offenders to be

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