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How to Raise a Child Who Appreciates STEM

Automation is the future, and today’s children will be living in a world aided by robot arms and dictated by digital connections. Science, mathematics, and engineering will lead society further into the 21st century, and people will need young leaders who see things and solve problems in a logical, analytical way. As such, children need


Ways to Help Your Teenager Transition into Adulthood

After high school, life can be quite challenging for teens and their parents. Parents may think that their job of bringing their children up is done, but it has just started. It is essential to plan well on how to transition from college to adult life. You can consider the strategies below to enhance the

online learning concept

Overcoming the Challenges Posed by Distance Education to Low-achieving Students

The parallels between online learning and remote work are striking. Both have been available as alternatives to traditional models for several years now. Aided by advances in technology, they have made recent strides forward. This has enabled widespread acceptance of both in the face of sudden changes brought about by the pandemic. Unfortunately, the similarities

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Musical Ability: A Surprising Way to Gain Soft Skills

Are you musically inclined? It might be time to brush off your guitar and get some voice lessons because your musical ability could make you a very valuable employee. With the way the economy is shifting these days, it is a good idea to make yourself as hard to replace as possible at your job. Adding

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Effective Boundaries: Teaching Your Child How to Handle The Dangers of Online Learning

There’s no doubt online learning is a blessing for children. At a time when a dangerous virus is threatening humanity, learning is made possible via the internet. The platform has come to humanity’s rescue. It’s like a knight in shining armor of old saving a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, every story has its B-side. And

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4 Adjustments Parents Must Make for their Kids Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the health and safety of everyone. Countries remain in lockdown to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus, especially after the number of deaths worldwide reached a million. Economies are collapsing, and businesses are shutting down, making it crucial for people to stay in their homes. Social distancing

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Three Things to Do to Raise a Well-rounded Child

No one ever said that parenting is easy. In the beginning, you have to deal with tiring days and sleepless nights. As they grow older, it only becomes more complicated. You have to make sure that they’re going to a good school and that they’re doing their homework. But it’s important to remember that grades

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Start Them Young: Promote Healthy Eating Habits in School

Eating habits are developed during childhood. If they are taught and encouraged to pick healthier food and beverage early on, these behaviors will likely remain with children throughout their life. Plus, teaching them to enjoy healthy options helps them develop a positive relationship with food, which can prevent eating disorders. The school plays a pivotal role


The Benefits of Play-based Learning for Preschoolers

Play-based learning is defined as a way children can learn by arranging and endeavour to make sense of their social worlds by actively engaging with people, objects, and symbolism through play. Children may play and explore on their own. But they may also play with others and use materials to represent other objects. This is

Helping Your Family Member Recover from a Stroke

A stroke is a condition that affects the arteries that supply blood, oxygen, and nutrients within and to the brain. Many individuals in the U.S. suffer from this debilitating disease. According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 795,000 people have a stroke each year. When a member of your

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