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Being Safe In The Big Apple

The streets of New York are commonly portrayed on mainstream media as ruthless and violent. New Yorkers are said to be rude and selfish. They say that the salary of a lawyer in NYC might be soaring given one personal injury crime here and a whole other crime there. However, the city is also home

Alcohol and car key on the table

States with Harsh DUI Penalties

Every state treats DUI violations very seriously, but some are more serious than others. Whether it’s to prevent further accidents, punish bad behavior, or just being vindictive — these states take enforcement and punishment to whole new levels. Illinois A DUI violation in Chicago might seem like the usual stuff: suspended license, switching to SR-22 insurance,

driving a car

5 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Owning a car means getting in an accident is a possibility. Naturally, this means you want to hire the best car accident lawyer you can. In Los Angeles, a car accident lawyer should be able to argue your case competently, if you go to trial. But before that, here are some things you should know

Truck driver talking on the phone

Is it Necessary to Hire a Trucking Attorney?

Among all motorists traveling on the road, truck drivers are proven to be the ones most at risk for crashes and accidents. This is not surprising considering the amount of time they spend driving on the highway. In fact, based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), truck driver fatalities have hit a record

Businessman suffering an accident

Personal Injury Cases: Uncommon Types You Should Know About

Some of the most common categories of personal injury cases are from automobile related accidents involving trucks, cars, and motorcycles. However, there are also other types of personal injury cases, which could be caused by unusual accidents. If you are suffering an injury caused by the carelessness and negligence of another person, you may opt

Lawyer showing couple where to sign on divorce papers

Effective Defenses for Defendants in a Fault-Based Divorce

Marriages should last a lifetime, but unfortunately, this is not a guarantee. Some couples amicably agree to go separate ways when they realize their relationship is not working anymore. A no-fault divorce is the fastest, simplest and cheapest you can get. Nonetheless, some couples opt for fault-based divorces so that they can obtain some advantage

child custody

Child Custody Cases and How to Win Them

Going through a divorce is not easy. But having your children involved in this nasty legal battle makes a complicated story even more complex. Winning a child custody case is very tricky. The judge sees what is fed to him without fully understanding how the dynamics for work every family. Thus, it is crucial to

man in jail

London Is Falling into a Rabbit Hole of Criminality

Crime and stabbings are at an all-time high in London, but you better have good lawyers if you want to criticize it. Immigrants and non-white individuals are mostly behind these knife crimes, but pointing that out can be considered a hate crime. London’s Overly PC Police Being too politically correct (PC) is destroying the credibility

court case with defendant, judges, and stenographer

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Court Reporters

Court reporters are professionals trained to transcribe spoken words and give the authorities information that can be used in court proceedings. They are valuable to judges and attorneys because of their skills in making transcripts of such proceedings, word-per-word. They’re also thorough with their work making captions and “real-time translations.” Court reporters are important people

divorce lawyer

What Happens When a Spouse Starts Dating before a Divorce is Finalized?

A divorce process can get even more complicated when one spouse starts dating someone new. Proceedings can lengthen and legal implications may develop, affecting the court’s decision on child custody and support. A divorce attorney can provide advice and support when spouses face difficult custody battles and divorce proceedings. The lawyer of a spouse who

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