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An Alternate World: Famous ARGs From the Past 20 Years

Alternate Reality Games or ARGs are modern games that began in earnest in the 90s. Voice mails, concealed items, information on statue and location plaques, and other clues concealed in the real world are used to solve fictional problems and unlock hidden content. They can be standalone games, tied into a video game, or used to

GPS Satellite

Issues Associated with Live Sky GPS Testing

Every GPS device’s developer knows the essence of testing his/her craft before its release into the market. This is the only solution to guarantee that the product you are introducing to your target market is of high quality. If you get your testing right, then you will become the go-to option in your field. Getting

Social media websites on the browser

Users vs. Data: The Future of Social Media

Social media usage has exploded in the past decade and with it came assorted benefits and risks. From a freedom wall where users shared drunk photos of them snuggling with random cats, it has rapidly become gentrified into a platform where data, not the user, has become the primary focus. The future of social media

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